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Butch's Prediction League Guide
Last updated by PR on 19-Feb-16: FA Cup and CL fixtures

(I don't always update for the next match, just select our next opponent from the list if needed)

How To Play
There are two main things you'll be predicting, 1) Long-Term Season Predictions, and 2) Match Predictions. Use the BPL Match Entry Form on the left to send in predictions for each match. Long-Term Predictions need to be in by 31st August 2015 for full points, otherwise by 31st December 2015 for 50% of the points.

Entries must be in before midnight UK-time the day before the game. For example, if the game kicks-off at 3pm Saturday, your entry needs to be in before the end of Friday UK time. The important stat is Average Points Per Game so newcomers can start playing and if successful, go right to the top of the standings!

To ensure that newcomers don't lead the standings through one great prediction, after 10 matches played you'll have to have predicted twice to remain in the updated table; after 20 matches, you'll have to have predicted three times, and so on and so forth. Otherwise you'll drop out of the standings table...and we don't want that to happen, do we?

Check Your Progress
Hop on over to the BPL Forum to see how you did and view the current standings table.

Match Predictions
Use the entry form on the left or send an email for each match with:

1. Chelsea starting-11
2. Chelsea's 7 substitutes
3. Final match score
4. Chelsea Goal scorer(s)
5. Time of first Chelsea goal
6. Score procession/progression

Long-Term Predictions
These questions apply to the Premier League games only.

1. Where will Chelsea finish in the league?
2. How many wins?
3. How many losses?
4. How many draws?
5. How many goals for?
6. How many goals against?
7. How many points?
8. Top Chelsea scorer (eg., Hazard)?
9. How many league goals for top scorer?
10. FA Cup progress (eg., Winners, 4th Round)?
11. League Cup progress?
12. Champions League progress?

Points Allocation
(1) Chelsea starters and subs - 10 points for each correct.

(2) Final Score - 30 points for correct score, 15 points for correct result, -2 points for each goal deviation from actual number of Chelsea goals.

(3) Chelsea scorers - 5 for each correct, none if number of scorers doesn't match predicted number of Chelsea goals.

(4) Time of 1st Chelsea goal - 20 points if on the dot, 10 if within 5 minutes, and 5 if within 10 minutes of actual time.

(5) 5 points for each correct (i.e. 1-0, HT, 2-0, 2-1)

(6) Bonus of 50pts each week for the person with the highest score, 30pts for 2nd highest and 15pts for 3rd.
Good Luck!

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