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Our View General Poll No.1
Final results after 2030 votes cast
November - December 1997
Who's our best keeper?
De Goey 134
Kharine 42
Buy Another 37
Grodas 34
Hitchcock 28

Ken Bates' comments on Matthew Harding?
Tell us more! 57
Shut it! 48

It's vital that we try and keep Ruud Gullit as our manager.
Agree 176
Disagree 21

Moan Utd will not win the Premiership this season.
Agree 159
Disagree 33

Would you like to see Tottenham relegated this season?
Yes 142
No 27

Do we need to buy yet another keeper or do we have one that's up to standard?
Keep ours 84
Buy new 51

Should we keep Vialli?
Yes 193
No 11

Does the the current Chelsea kit look better than the last one?
Yes 89
No 65

Are you surprised that there are restricted view seats at the Bridge?
Yes 72
No 24

Have you had problems trying to get hold of tickets for matches this season?
Yes 77
No 25

Chelsea-branded Italjet and Harley-Davidsons?
Great idea 78
Ridiculous 73

Most promising recent purchase?
Poyet 84
Flo 67
Babayaro 35
Le Saux 29
Granville 23
De Goey 12

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