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Our View Gullit Sacking Poll
Final results after 2140 votes cast
15th to 28th February 1998
Who would you prefer manages the club?
Vialli 80
Gullit 68
Venables 25
Someone Else 18
Robson 8
Rix 6
Turnip Head 2

Will Vialli be a good Chelsea manager?
Yes 163
No 35

Gullit did a good job while at Chelsea Football Club
Agree 190
Disagree 28

Was Gullit's sacking planned?
Yes 158
Not Sure 33
No 28

Should we have paid Gullit whatever he wanted?
No 135
Yes 78

Is Gullit bigger than the club itself?
No 130
Yes 50

Are you gutted that Gullit has left?
Yes 105
No 78
Don't Care 10

Vialli is just a temporary replacement
Disagree 118
Agree 78

The Club are right in sacking Gullit
Disagree 85
Agree 75

Who do you believe about the reasons behind sacking Gullit?
The Club 175
Gullit 48

Will our pulling power in the transfer market be affected?
Yes 78
No 55

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