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Ian Wakeman provides us with the great Chelsea Mailing List. Whether in its regular guise or in digest format you'll get the latest match reports from real fans, news and rumour sent to you each day. To subscribe, send an email to chelsea-request@cogs.susx.ac.uk with the line "subscribe" or "subscribe digest" in the body. To send a message to the actual list, address it to chelsea@cogs.susx.ac.uk. To unsubscribe, send an email to chelsea-request@cogs.susx.ac.uk and state "unsubscribe" in the body, along with your email address.

Friends Of Chelsea

Decent resource, see 300+ European football stadiums at The Stadium Guide

Don't miss out on the Chelsea Ladies Football Club

Decent geezer Alex Priest (CSR Mbr No. 10058) has some great stuff on his site; so much so that you can go directly to his main page, or check out the superb Match Reports or delve into his highly amusing MoanU piss take page!

Phil Kirkham tirelessly spends about three years every week - adding Match Reports from all the tabloids and real newspapers. Check out all the other football gear at The Beautiful Game (former Soccernet Site of the Week).

Jer "Chopper" Dine does not, as reported in The Sun newspaper, look like a walrus. That's just the name of his web server. Take a look at an interesting account of our FACup winning era. [Site no longer exists, unfortunately]

Often seen wandering around the Mailing List is Roald Aune from Norway. He's always busy tinkering with his site [site now closed] and adding new stuff all the time. Roald's put together some great pages on the Cup Final, specifically the reports [site now closed] and the celebrations [site now closed].

The latest Blue on the block is Garry Jones. His knowledge of our club in the 70's and early 80's is unrivalled and well worth checking out.

The offical Chelsea website finally made it's debut on February 22nd. With the resources of IBM and Jax this'll be a great site.

A great site for Blues down in South Africa is now up and running. Check out the SA Chelsea Supporters Club [site now closed] site.

Good resource for our disabled fans, AWADS has some info on ground facilities for you here..

Blakie's Chelsea Memorabilia Page at eBay

Hand-picked Chelsea sites well worth a visit:

Mike Church -Recommended-

Laura Hill -Recommended-

Another Alex

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