Stats and News via Email

There may be times when you have access to email but not the WWW so here's something to help you out. You just need to send an email to the server and within seconds, it'll send you back the info you asked for.
It's important to note that the Subject must appear exactly as shown, all lowercase with no extra punctuation or spacing. There is no need to write anything in the Body of the email as that will just be ignored.
Get the Premier League table:
send file table
Get the latest news and share price:
send file table
If you're using a system with a good email setup you can expect your stats to be returned to you in as little as ten seconds. Firewalls and intranets could delay your email by who knows how long!

If you don't receive an email back it'll usually be for either of two reasons:
  • Return address is incorrectly set in your email program
  • You didn't compose the email exactly as shown above. "Re:" and other things on your Subject line will be ignored and you won't get an email back.

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